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Ars Lusitana was founded in 2011, with the goal of performing and contributing to the knowledge of early music in general and Portuguese musical heritage in particular, developing the work methodology of historically informed performance.


The ensemble's methodology is based in a direct aproach to musical sources. Performers experience in first hand historical musical practices (reading from original notation, learning old solfege, etc.), valuing the basic diferences between this practices and those of nowadays, and making possible a more intimate knowledge of repertoire, adding also "non written" practices (musica ficta, ornamentation) to place musical text in it's interpretative context.


Ars Lusitana designs varied programs, with repertoire from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque.

They work frequently with Isaac Alonso de Molina as guest director; the ensemble has collaborated in projects with other ensembles, such as La Academia de los Nocturnos, Palma Choralis and Vox Humana.


With a variable formation, the group has participated in concerts and festivals in various European countries, such as Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands, in events such as the Early Music Cycle of the Cathedral of Valencia, the cycle "Musica Antica da Camera" in Holland, the Cycle of Concerts of the Leonhardskirche in Basel, Festival Estoril-Lisboa in Portugal, Curso de Música Antigua in Daroca, among others.



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