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Ars Lusitana is an ensemble of variable formation dedicated to researching and recovering the Portuguese musical heritage.

The ensemble proposes a direct dialog with the sources: an initial investigation that aims to bring little-known or neglected music to light, followed by research into contexts, historical pedagogical methods and, whenever possible, reading directly from the musical sources; and ending with a concert performance of Portuguese music, sometimes presented in parallel with contemporary repertoires from other European countries.

Ars Lusitana has performed in concert in several countries, at festivals such as the Música Antica da Camera cycle (Voorschoten, Netherlands), the Valencia Cathedral Early Music cycle (Spain), the "Art et Leonhard" cycle (Basel, Switzerland), the Sons Antigos a Sul cycle (Lagos, Portugal), the Daroca Early Music Festival (Spain), the Guadalajara Early Music Cycle (Spain), the Estoril-Lisbon Festival (Lisbon, Portugal), Cistermúsica (Portugal), the Madeira Organ Festival (Funchal, Portugal), among others.

It has presented a variety of sacred and chamber music programs, from mass services and vespers to repertoire from songbooks, madrigals and instrumental works, among others. They have participated in the recording of the complete works of Manuel Rodrigues Coelho, together with organist André Ferreira.

The ensemble's mission is also to develop pedagogical activities, having held workshops in Portugal centered on the theme of Renaissance music.

Ars Lusitana is currently preparing the recording of its next album, supported by DGArtes and the Mundos & Fundos project at the University of Coimbra.


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